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State Certified Commercial and Industrial Backflow Prevention

We help your property stay compliant, year after year.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a cross-connection as any point in the water supply system where non-potable, or non-drinkable, water can be introduced to potable, or clean, sources. All service lines connected to public water systems are therefore potential cross-connections. You, the business or property owner, are responsible for these cross-connections.

Your water distribution system is designed to ensure that water flows from the water main through a service line to your site. Certain conditions—such as frozen pipes, a water main burst, or even extreme and unexpected demand on the system—can cause water pressure to fail. When that happens, water from plumbing lines can flow back into the distribution system, potentially contaminating the local public water supply, and creating a hazardous situation; hence the term “backflow.”
To avoid such dangerous incidents, and as a matter of public safety, federal law requires commercial establishments install backflow prevention devices on all water services and test and maintain these devices periodically.
Trust Accutest to help you protect the safety of the water supply and maintain compliance with all federal regulations.


Accutest of West Michigan offers a full range of backflow prevention services.


  • Routine inspection and on-site testing of your existing devices to ensure compliance
  • Master Plumber on site to troubleshoot and perform repairs if necessary
  • Proactive notification and scheduling of testing to ensure timely inspections
  • Repair of any old, broken or poorly performing systems or individual devices
  • Installation of new devices or replacement of non-testable equipment
  • Results and certification communicated to the utility to maintain a compliant status

General Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services

In addition to specializing in backflow prevention, our Master Plumber offers a wide variety of general plumbing services. We can handle anything from leaks and drips to both rough and finished plumbing with a commercial remodel. Trust our 30 years of experience in West Michigan and call us for all your commercial plumbing needs.

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